Saturday, December 10, 2011

10 Reasons Why 'How I met your mother' sucks?

After watching countless number of seasons of the famous TV series ‘How I met your mother’, I have come to realise that it has turned itself from being ‘The most awesome show ever’ to ‘painfully boring’. Honestly, I use to love this show for its well-timed humour, unexpected one-liners from Barney Stinson, Robin’s Tomboyish charms. What I just said about HIMYM must be enough to give you an idea about what kind of an avid fan I use to be.
But Now?
 10 reasons why ‘How I met your mother’ sucks?!
1: Nobody’s kids are as patient as Ted Mosby’s kids!
Admit it? You have felt bad for Ted Mosby’s kids. What a torture it is for them to sit in the same couch for years and grow old.

2: Ted Mosby's dejected flings
Nobody cares about how Ted met his wife anymore; unless it’s Robin.This is the standard Ted’s storytelling protocol that’s repeated in every episode:
1.      Ted meets a girl
2.      He falls in love with her.
3.      She dumps him.
4.      Ted says "And...Kids! This is NOT how I met your mother”
5.      Gotcha!

3: Marshall & Lilly
Marshall and Lilly never made me laugh since season 2. Marshall and Lilly should act like the Dumb Tusshar Kapoor  from the movie  Golmaal. They are better without any dialogues. For some reason, Lilly sounds weird with that “phlegm-choked-throat” accent.  They are awful at acting in adult comedy sitcoms. However, I strongly believe that they will surely win a ‘Kids Favorite TV comic character  award’ for the childishly stupid acting that they have been pulling off  for ages.

4: Architect jokes?
I don’t know whether the scriptwriters who use to write season 1, 2 are buried six feet under or Bays & Thomas are not financially capable to hire them. Whatever be the reasons, the fact is I keep their recent episodes running minimised in the background while I’m doing some work on my computer. Even when I’m not doing any work, I still prefer keeping it that way.

5: Goofing up with Robin?
I use to drool over this Canadian beauty since episode 1. Robin has managed to stay fresh with first few seasons but scriptwriters just keep playing that Robin’s teenage song ‘Lets go to the mall...’ jokes day in, day out in almost every episode. Robin as a character, has not been given enough attention for the past 3 seasons. She is one of the ONLY two people who are keeping this sitcom together (the other one being Neil Patrick Harris)

6: Goliath National Bank?
I don’t think that requires an explanation. The jokes about GNB are getting lamer with passing episode.

7: Ted Mosby
Josh Radnor (Ted) is a noob with a handicapped sense of humour. How can the directors expect us to laugh on a self-righteous character by which his architecture class refuses to be humoured? He is the only exception to the saying ‘Women get attracted to Architects’.

8: Misleading Title!
Those who have survived to come this far watching the show would totally understand what I’m talking about. The show has become an overly-stretched, contorted version of a-use-to-be-fresh-story of a narration of Ted as to how he met his wife (or the mother of those 2 eternally patient kids).

9: Scriptwriters? 
It’s like as if they are trying to stretch a piece of rubber till it breaks (no pun intended). They seem to be on a constant run from the viwers. Every episode would make you feel that they are delaying the eventuality of this show. Scriptwriters, please start doing what you are paid for.

10: Celebrity guest appearances 
You know who I’m talking about. Britney Spears and similar characters bring feeble memories of humour/fun in my head. They just dont seem to bring back any entertainment value in it.


meoww said...

everyone seems to talking something or the other about HIMYM around me these days..

and ermmm..i havent seen this series so much..
so shud i start watching it or not..??!!

hehhee..nice much patience you have to come up with so many reasons :P

cheers !!

PeeVee™ said...

Exactly my point. Which is why I stopped watching after S05-_- They should have known when to stop and when 'meeting the mother' would lose it's charm.
Personally, I watched s04 and s05 ONLY for Barney, who still remains legen......dary!:)

And to those who said HIMYM is better than F.R.I.E.N.D.S, all I have in 'In Your Face!' :P

R-A-J said...

I really hvnt seen much of this but I'm startin to.. bt all my frnds keep tellin tht its lost 'tht thing' it used to hv.. same with 'two n a half men'.. nevertheless, me tryin to get the episodes...wud hopefully catch all of 'em soon.. :)

Atrocious Scribblings said...

Finally someone saying out loud what I have been wishing to say for ages now.

The writers have managed to keep the audiences captivated till Season 3 after that it was completely downhill. At some points I actually felt bad for the actors, like seriously because the writing was so pathetic.

To those who say its better than FRIENDS, we have a bone to pick.

Good write-up buddy.

Cheers :)

Silence Unplugged. said...

True that, i mean, seriously it is getting lamer every passing day.
I mean what happened to robin and her wild streak? since when did she bcome, so sympathetic?? What happened to barney and his awesomeness?? WHY do they want kids.Urgh. And i can go one..! :

on a serious note, a great read :)
Glad i stumbled upon dis one!:)

Maverick said...

@meoww: first few seasons are surely worth go give it a shot. :P
@PeeVee: high-five! FRIENDS is waaay better than HIMYM anyday.

@raj: dude! i suggest you watch first three season for sure. and coming from a current critic like me, you can totally trust me :P

@atrocious scribblings: an interesting name, i must say. BTW, writers totally sucked after season 3. I mean, watching episodes has become so mundanely boring that I now choose to watch them only when I have nothing else to amuse on. :P

@silence unplugged:hahahahaha! i could agree more on that. and hey, thanks for stopping by :)
and on a TOTALLY different note, yes! barney is being portrayed as a decaying character. and God! its pathetic. I miss the good old Cobie Smulders. :)

AJ'sview said...
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AJ'sview said...

Yups ..even i felt the same when i saw last 3 seasons.
The only character that holding me was the awesome barney.
And seriously, great work, 10 reasons are really more than enough...:D

Maverick said...

@AJ: thanks ajitesh :P I would have written more than 10 too. :P
baaki toh court pe mil ;)

crazy.tanvi said...

yu shd hv knwn thiz earlier...but den..m sayng it again..thiz iz 1 awesomest post by yu..

NTP47 said...

Ted and Lily suck but the show has still got it. And I think its hundred times better than friends. Friends fanboys and mostly fangirls I am ready to take you on.

Maverick said...

totally agree with the fact that lily's character is boring. The series stagnant for a long time.

theblah said...

@NTP47: FRIENDS IS EPIC. how I met your mother is just a pathetic and unsuccessful attempt to make a show as good as friends. no matter what you say, it's not going to make himym better than friends. :P

NTP47 said...

Friends is crap. It feels dated & cheesy.

Tom Bacheth said...

Hello blogger, I have read your post and although I believe we all have our own opinions and expectations of a show, I must say a few things. I do understand that you dislike the show, but some of your reasons aren't really.... Legit.
Welcome to.... 10 reasons why your 10 reasons suck.
1) in your second reason, you say that Ted repeats the same story everytime he meets a girl. Bullshit. You obviously don't follow his relationships properly.
2) in your third reason, marsha and lily suck? You obviously have no sense of humor then. Get some. It kind of reduces the chances of you dying boring and old.
3) architect jokes? Really? They aren't really that common in most HIMYM seasons.
4) let's go to the mall jokes in every episode? Every five episodes is already an exaggeration. Sure they were used consecutively in a few episodes. Were those the only ones you watched?
5)jumping back to first reason. Wait you actually met all the kids in the world? Not everyone is as impatient as you.
6)GNB jokes are so rare.
7) Ted mosby isn't an almighty god like Thor and therefore you dislike the show? Wow. You're tough to please eh?
8) I'm skipping your eight reason since well, it is true but then again not a reasonable excuse to hate the show. Reason 9 so now the scriptwriters suck? They obviously write better than you. Go write a comedy series and call me when you're done :)
9) the guests that appeared on the show have more talent than you. And if you actually watch, their acting skills don't really suck.
10) the final reason. Looking at all your reasons made me realize either you forgot to turn the volume on when you watch, or you probably watched a few episodes here and there. How can you claim to have watched countless seasons of HIMYM and yet still make such ridiculous reasons? You really don't seem eligible to be commenting on the show when you've barely watched the seasons.
I'm done here guys. Shoot me if you want, but you can't.

Stefan Lipka said...

@Tom Bacheth:
Shooting you for your grammar seems rude, so I will just aim at your 10 reasons instead.
I'll try to keep it short, even though that will probably be hard.

The original author of this article has made both some reasonable and unreasonable accusations, seeing as he is kind of repeating himself.

The show is getting boring and stale and it's really just recycling its older episodes.

In the beginning of the show Ted Mosby promises that everything he tells has relation to the fated meeting with his wife and the mother of his children. By using that very logic, he would have to tell about EVERYTHING leading up to the meeting with the mother. I'm talking about from he was BORN. EVERY little decision would have to be accounted for. But enough about that.
Ted Mosby started out by being this REALLY romantic guy. He was funny, passionate and made an effort when he was dating people. Remember the blue horn he stole for Robin? Remember when he "made" it rain? And what about the 2 minute date?
In some of the latest episodes he is being this whiny indecisive prick who can't decide if he should break up another couple's marriage or not. And even after he tells himself that he's not going to do it, because getting left at the altar was the worst thing that happened to him, he STILL does it. AND then he breaks up with Victoria, because she doesn't feel like she's the ONE.

But enough about Ted. I mean, Ted isn't the only character on this show even though he IS the main character.
Barney Stinson has been the only constant good thing about the show so far. But it seems that the writers managed to fuck up his character as well.
"Oh Norah might be the one. Naah, Robin is! Oh look as that Quinn chick, I think SHE is the one!.. But then again Robin is kind of nice"
Just make up your damn mind Barney...
The author of this Article: "Maverick" was kind of right about the whole "let's go to the mall" kind of thing. But it's not like it happened every episode. It was just still way overused. Like the story with Robin's old best friend from Canada, you know, the one played by Nicole Scherzinger? God that episode was awful. She was such a terrible actor. And then there was yet ANOTHER tape with footage of Robin's teenage persona.
Which brings me to the next point:
Lily and Marshall have gotten boring as all hell.
It was exciting to follow their own adventure at first. But like everything else in the show, it just got stale, out of character and tedious to watch. From around season 3 they discussed if they were ready to get a baby.
Here is a typical conversation concerning if they were ready for a baby or not:
Lily:" I think we're ready Marshall."
Marshall: "I think so too Lily."
Lily: "Oh Marshall, I am having second thoughts."
Marshall: "You're right Lily-pad! If we had stayed home to conceive a child, we wouldn't have been able to see all of these doppelgangers that looks exactly like us which have been popping up randomly this very year. And what a coincidence, we all have a doppelganger in New York!"
And they just kept postponing again, again and AGAIN till the point where the audience just didn't give a damn anymore.


That felt good. I'm sorry for taking so long to get to your 10 reasons. Let's start dissecting them, shall we?

- Continued in the next post -

Stefan Lipka said...

@Tom Bacheth:

- Continued from last post -

1: You are completely right. Ted's relationships don't follow a pattern. Except that the minor relationships and dates all boil down to Ted finding a mistake about the girl and then breaks up with her.

2: You started out by saying "we all have our own opinions and expectations of a show" and then you go on to say "you obviously have no sense of humor". It's true, everyone has different opinions. So you cannot say that he has no sense of humor as everybody has a different sense of it. What's funny for one person, is not necessarily funny for another.

3: You are right. There are RARELY any architect jokes in the show.

4: As I already wrote once, the episodes about Robin's teenage fame are not that frequent. I can only remember 3 "Robin Sparkles" episodes. The first 2 Robin Sparkles episodes were good, but the other episode with the space tv show is just taking it too far.

5: First of all, your rebuttal to his argument is just silly. It doesn't matter if he has met all the kids in the world, since Ted Mosby's kids are still pretty patient, considering that they have expressed several times that they don't really want to listen to his long and boring story about how he met their mother. Even though the author of this article makes a pretty stupid argument, your counterargument is no better.

6: Another reason where I can agree with you. We don't REALLY hear alot of jokes about GNB, do we?

7: It's completely alright to dislike a show because of a main character. It's one of the main reasons why one might dislike a show actually. And let's be honest with ourselves here. Ted isn't exactly the "catch" he was 4-5 seasons ago, is he now?

8: The show is stretched beyond it's time. And it should have probably ended 2 seasons ago when it was still reasonably good. I feel like we should have been able to make guesses at who the mother is, but we still haven't seen her face yet. We've seen her umbrella, her bass, her feet and we know she is a brunette.
And it's not really fair for you to say that someone has to be able to write a comedy series just to judge a show. The writers don't suck, but they have gotten lazy. And I could write SEVERAL cases, where you can feel that the writers didn't really put any effort into it, but that would take too long.

9: You don't really know if this person can act, do you? I didn't think so. And no, the celebrity guests that have appeared on the show haven't really shown us any real "acting" yet. This is not to say that they cannot act, but the roles that have been written for them, just don't allow them to utilize their full potential.

10: The author of this article has a lot of holes in his arguments, seeing as it is clear that he hasn't watched a whole lot of HIMYM. But overall the things I felt like I disagreed with you upon, were mostly personal opinions. You are welcome to reply to this post to further discuss this show.

Erbaz Khan said...

You sir just read my mind i am 100 % agreed to you Maverick(blog poster)
this series had a wonderful start and they maintained till 2-3 seasons but it gets repetitive and eventually becomes lame....

=) its such a waste to see a good series going to waste they should end this series at this season....

same goes for two and a half men after season 8 its totally pathetic it looks like a 10 year old is writing the scripts
such a nice talents was wasted by ashton kutcher charachter...

Erbaz Khan said...

You sir just read my mind i am 100 % agreed to you Maverick(blog poster)
this series had a wonderful start and they maintained till 2-3 seasons but it gets repetitive and eventually becomes lame....

=) its such a waste to see a good series going to waste they should end this series at this season....

same goes for two and a half men after season 8 its totally pathetic it looks like a 10 year old is writing the scripts
such a nice talents was wasted by ashton kutcher charachter...

rahi said...

himym is boring.girls and boys always talking of relationship crap..most of the time..such pathetic first i tried to listen to these guys but after a while my ears shut down automatically when these sociopaths started their relationships drama all the time!!

Varun Agarwal said...

Everyone who feels HIMYM boring are dumb retards cos millions of people who watch it daily aren't dumb but you are illiterate and stupid.people who cant understand simple English.Thus you retards feel himym boring.GO TO HELL

Samrat Babu Koirala said...

Season 7 is the best but 8 reallysucks... It is like smarter copy of Friends. It is not that bad though!!