Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cricket (IPL) versus Basketball (NBA)? Which is better?

 It's a question on which at least every Indian would want to bet their money on (even though they might be unaware of basketball). For the first time in my life, I am witnessing a NBA basketball season that has disappointed me so much that I decided to compare it with the state of affairs of cricket i.e. IPL in India. I, for a numerous reasons don’t like cricket. I’m being vocal about it. This game never amused me let alone its entertaining power. All cricket fanboys are truly welcomed to argue, especially in India, where cricket is considered religion. However, there is no point arguing about it because I have reasons to believe so and so does everyone reading this scribbling. So, all you readers looking with vengeance here on this post, move ahead at your own risk because you aint getting any. So do yourself a favor by closing this blog right away and move on.  For I believe it has become our national time pass entertainer. My feelings were expressed vis-à-vis by this post authored by a well-known writer who sparked a huge fiasco among the cricket fans. In case you are looking for my reasons for me disliking cricket state of affairs. Here are they…and please have the patience to not post arguments without reading the link mentioned because it wont be fruitful then..

Excuse me for digressing! The focus is on the Lockout season of NBA this year that happened in USA due to the financial upsets of the playoffs participating teams. The NBA games this year are closely spaced and the practice seasons were anything but disciplined enough to get players back into their groove. Unlike cricket players who can usually play with a potbelly or late night party hangovers after every match, basketball is a 48 minute action packed game that requires extreme levels of physical strength, fitness, stamina. If you wake up and simply expect yourself to start playing pro, you are inviting a serious injury of ligaments, spine, joints etc.

Just like the IPL, NBA Lockout games were held on a tight schedule with more than usual numbers of matches (for increasing revenues generated per match). The team that wins the two sets/groups viz Eastern Conference Finals and Western Conference Finals reach the ‘NBA finals’.  This is where the ultimate showdown happens between two teams. Because of the Lockout, the players did not practice throughout the off-season and were in bad physical shape. In addition, the rigorous camps held by every team’s coach were of shorter duration. Therefore, the players are not exactly in the best possible physical condition, which makes them prone to injuries. Neglecting this risk, the NBA council went on to continue with Playoffs with even stricter Game schedule. Now, basketball is a game where fatigue is way beyond in comparison to cricket. Therefore, players need more time to recover which they are not getting due to closely spaced game schedule. Despite all these potential hazards, the NBA went on with their plans to reap profits to recover from last years losses
The Sachins, Ponting, Gilchrists of basketball (Derrick, Chris, Dwight Howard, Manu Ginobili) are injured severely and won’t be playing this season. By the time I write this, 13 Top-notch players who usually lead their teams to victory almost single handedly are already in hospitals and more are expected to follow. NBA has no choice but to “QUICK-FIX” these players. They are desperate. Their intentions can only stand vindicated if they allow these “semi-fit” players to play in the game (which is so like cricket).
More or less, I see this season of NBA finals doomed. Basketball is known to live up to high standards of adrenaline pumps but this season I am not expecting any such event. If the commercial objectives of sponsors/investors such continue to be prioritized above sports’ ethics, then I’m not sure what distinct moral respect will NBA hold over ICC?  Excessive greed of humankind has always been able to succeed in corrupting the incorruptible, the incontrovertible. Unfortunately, this holds true now for basketball this year too.
Though this year is a tough one for NBA to deal with, I’m sure normal playoffs will resume from next year. At least Hopefully?
Well, it’s a tie between the two well established sports i.e. basketball and cricket, at least this year.

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Atrocious Scribblings said...

I think it would be safe to say that the moment you try to monetize a sport by bringing in the big money and publicity - the soul of the game is inevitably killed.

This is precisely what has happened to English football, Indian cricket and as you've mentioned - American basketball.

Liked the perspective you put forth - Good Job.

Cheers :)

Maverick said...

Thanks! definitely agree on that bro. the IPL rating are hitting rock bottom. that says it all. hopefully, this blind commercial pressure wont be there next year. so im kinda okay about this year.

R-A-J said...

Dude u rock man!!!

Loved the analytic way n the depth of ur post with which u brought out ur point..


Maverick said...

that would be an exaggeration.:D but thanks man. and we can have consensus on the fact that your posts are the ones that are most entertaining. Avengers-dark knight wala is my all time favorite.

Paul D. Mitchell said...

I suspect that both sports suck, but I only know conclusively that this is the case for basketball; the extend of my cricket experience is limited to watching ten befuddled minutes of it at a pub, the highlight of which was seeing about 20 slow-motion replays of a guy getting hit in the nuts by a cricket ball. Thanks.
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